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IEEE Student Branch of UVCE endeavors to enhance the learning experience of the student community on the UVCE campus. The Student Branch intends on providing different social, cultural and technical events for the students throughout the year. We encourage the students to take full advantage of the benefits of IEEE membership, including scholarships, competitions, and conference grants. The Student Branch also emphasizes the students to work with peers in other institutes, academicians, professionals, engineers, and scientists through the on campus IEEE Student Branch and the Local IEEE Section, thereby encouraging students to be a part of the global IEEE community.




The group was inaugurated with a panel discussion by eminent women professionals from the technical field. IEEE WIE aims at letting female students discover their strengths and weaknesses and works towards shaping their skills so they grow and be at better positions at whichever organisations they join in the future.


Computer Society was started in the year 2016. This society is for all students studying in the 1st year to the final year. It conducts monthly coding contests called Ncode, Workshops on C, Python, Android and many others mainly aimed at making the students up to date with the technologies.


Power and Energy Society a new society under IEEE UVCE which is mainly concentrating on technical skills development of the students of UVCE in electrical and electronics domain. We have conducted technical talks, monthly competition and various other events in our society.


Art Forum is an SIG started in 2011 dedicated entirely to artists. Digital art, craft making, decoupage and up cycling are also supported. Various contests like doodle making, mask making are conducted for the students by this SIG.


Avishkar (Sanskrit term for ‘innovation’), the guiding beacon for enlightened minds is an elite research group of IEEE UVCE and it has been a palatine to encourage, inspire and innovate. The beginning of Avishkar was synonymous to the beginning of IEEE UVCE.


The web design SIG was started in April 2017. This is the web tweaking pavilion of IEEE UVCE. Web team specializes in conducting all the web related competitions and workshops for IEEE UVCE. Workshops on HTML and CSS and contests on website front end designing have been conducted.


The Robotics Club was started in the year 2009. The formation of this club seemed inevitable since no aspect of life is untouched by automated machines in some form. The aim of the Robotics Club is to provide sufficient training to students by conducting workshops to undertake basic to complex robotics projects.


The design SIG was started in April 2017. The design team of IEEE UVCE consists of Graphic designers who design and conduct workshops on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This SIG gives opportunities to the students to be a part of the design team for various events conducted by IEEE UVCE.


The literary SIG was started in 2018. With a motto of harnessing the linguistic skills of students, it conducts activities to develop communication and creative writing abilities of the students. This club helps to enhance the communication skills of students and to help them communicate their ideas and innovations in a clear and efficient way.


TISP (Teacher in Service Program) and STAR (Student And Teacher Research Program) aim at the improvement in delivery of knowledge. By conducting various workshops for teachers as well as students, these two sigs work to improve the teaching methods adopted.


  • KAGADA is the annual technical paper presentation competition organized by IEEE UVCE.
  • Categories for paper presentation: UG ,PG and WIE.
  • Apart from paper presentation ,project and poster presentation is also conducted.
  • Programme from WIE and STAR is also organised.
  • Impetus is a National level technical fest.
  • The fest is preceded by curtain raisers which consists of workshops, seminars.
  • It is based on different innovative themes every year
  • About 20 events are conducted among which Summit, Mock placements, The Alchemist, Coding event witness huge participation.

Awards and Recognition


Dr. P Deepa Shenoy

Branch Advisor

Dr. Venugopal K R

Branch Patron

Dr. Kiran K

Branch Counselor

Dr. Pushpa C N

WIE Mentor

Prof. H S Veena

PES Advisor

Dr. Lata B T

Branch Mentor

Dr. Venkatesh M

Branch Mentor


Execom 2019-20

Main Team
Mahith Shetty Chairperson Fourth Year
Keerthana A Vice-Chairperson Fourth Year
Raja Mahapatra Vice-Chairperson Fourth Year
Akash Gowda Vice-Chairperson Fourth Year
Gayathri S Treasurer Fourth Year
Rajath R L Joint Treasurer Third Year
Kennith O Koshy General Secretary Third Year
Hamsa Shree N A Joint Secretary Third Year
Vishal M Kanthi Joint Secretary Third Year
Niveditha G Membership Incharge Third Year
Shubham Sahoo Membership Incharge Third Year
Harshitha M SAC Coordinator Fourth Year
Vijay Kumar M S SAC Coordinator Fourth Year
Darshan S Chairperson Fourth Year
Seema M Vice-Chairperson Fourth Year
Mahima Pradeep General Secretary Third Year
Supriya V Kurpad Joint Secretary Third Year
Computer Society
Venkatesh Belavadi Chairperson Fourth Year
Anagesh M Vice-Chairperson Fourth Year
Jerry Allan Akshay Vice-Chairperson Fourth Year
Sriram K K General Secretary Third Year
Charan M K Joint Secretary Third Year
Pooja Hegde Joint Secretary Third Year
Nayana Sajji NCode Lead Third Year
Nisarga Ashok Chairperson Fourth Year
Anushree Vice-Chairperson Fourth Year
Sneha N Vice-Chairperson Third Year
Dinashree Dinesh Art Form Fourth Year
Shabana K C Art Forum Fourth Year
Aditya Shetty Art Forum Third Year
Gokula Krishnan S Art Forum Fourth Year
Naveen Kumar Avishkar Fourth Year
Harish Ramesh Avishkar Third Year
Srinivas K Avishkar Third Year
Ruchith Gaurav K M Web Development Third Year
Soumya S Web Development Third Year
Manoj Kumar A Web Development Third Year
Sandhya Shree N Graphic Design Third Year
Venkateshprasad Robotics Third Year
Smruthi L TISP and STAR Fourth Year
Harshitha B R TISP and STAR Third Year
Honavar Sanyukta Literary Club Third Year
Sanjana Ramesh Literary Club Third Year
Sankeerth M Literary Club Third Year
Repcoms 2019-20
Repcom Members
Anam Ali CSE Second Year
Munnoli Sammed Jaykumar CSE Second Year
Niveditha Kulkarni CSE Second Year
Ali Mohammed Habibullah ISE Second Year
Vikas Gowda L V ISE Second Year
Devika K N EEE Second Year
D S L Rasagnya EEE Second Year
Jitendra Prasad K K EEE Second Year
Varsha Nagesh EEE Second Year
Ajantha Hebbar ECE Second Year
Pruthvi Raj R ECE Second Year
Srinivas MECH Second Year
Sanketh Rajshekhar Patil MECH Second Year
Vinay Desai MECH Second Year