NCode February 2021

Start Date: Feb. 27, 2021

Start Time: 9 p.m.


Will be held at(/in):


• It is a 3 hours competitive programming contest themed on the American sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
• A total of 3 questions will be released at the time of start of the event, with each challenge having a pre-determined score.
• Each question will have only 2 test cases with each test case having some number of sub-test cases.
• A participant’s score depends on the number of test cases a participant’s code submission successfully passes.
• If a participant submits more than one solution per challenge, then the participant’s score will reflect the highest score achieved.
• Participants are ranked by score. If two or more participants achieve the same score, then the tie is broken by the total time taken to submit the last solution resulting in a higher score.

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