Start Date: Jan. 30, 2021

Start Time: 4 p.m.

Organizer(s): IEEE UVCE

Will be held at(/in): Instagram


Are you proud of your riddle solving skills? Then its your time to shine.
An intensive and nerve wracking treasure hunt was promised, and we deliver;

All you need to do is to solve riddles, for which the answers are the names of events conducted by IEEE UVCE (look out for @ieeeuvce Instagram page).
Simultaneously you will be given the next question lead, but the faster you input the correct answer in the website questionwise, the higher points you get.

The questions will be put up by the account:
So keep a close eye on it.

And may the blessings of Athena be with you!


Soumya Baradeli, 1st Year, ECE
Shaik Abdul Salam, 1st Year, ECE
Harsha R, 1st Year, ECE

Event Link