Gremlin 3.1

Start Date: March 3, 2021

Start Time: 7 p.m.

Organizer(s): IEEE UVCE SAC

Will be held at(/in): Online


IEEE UVCE SAC is conducting Gremlin Series of Start-ups. It is designed to challenge participants ability to bring out diplomatic solutions. The Series of start-ups is focused on chronology of steps involved in starting up of business. The monthly winners answers will be posted on our Instagram page. The series winner will receive rewards at the end. The IEEE UVCE members who are participating will receive credit points update on the REWARDS PROGRAMME on the website.

This month problem statement is focused on investment. Investment is a critical step in start-ups. Participants industrial and diplomatic problem solving skills are put to test. To participate kindly use the link provided below and fill your answers in the form and submit your form before the last date.

Event Link