Tech Roadies

Start Date: May 7, 2021

Start Time: midnight

Organizer(s): IEEE UVCE

Will be held at(/in): Online


Tech Roadies is an interdisciplinary curtain raiser of Impetus, the annual national level technical fest of IEEE UVCE. There will be four rounds in total, each round will have a branch specific problem statement.

Round 1: Life of Py
Solve a series of automation based problems using Python or any other language of your choice and other automation software.

Round 2: Voltswagen
An online electronics treasure hunt that requires you to pay for your mistakes and your components.

Round 3: Proelium
Option 1: Participants have to solve a riddle and get the name of the machine and present about the evolution and societal impact the evolution of that machine had.
Option 2: A model making, where the participants are given description of the model to be made along with the list of materials.
Final Round: Endgame
A general problem statement related to the theme of Impetus 21.0
Equal weightage will be given for the first three rounds and the total score.

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