Start Date: Dec. 12, 2020

Start Time: 4 p.m.

Organizer(s): IEEE UVCE SIGHT

Will be held at(/in): WhatsApp


This event consists of two rounds
Round 1: Crossword Puzzle
In the first round, you will be given a crossword puzzle in which the questions are either general or relevant to technical aspects. Solve this puzzle really quick and choose the next problem statement.
Round 2:
In this round you will get to choose a problem statement from the given statements. You have to present the solution to the statement in a very unique way. Abandon the slide-by-slide type and use creative ways like Mad AD's, story writing, animation or any other form.


First Place:
Persona- Neha H, G Sukhada Rao (ECE 2nd year)
Second Place:
High voltage club- Anupama J Achar, Chiranth H R, Chaitra K (Civil 2nd year)
Third Place:
Trio- Kruthi K N, Medhini J Kalyani (EEE 2nd year)

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