Start Date: Jan. 11, 2021

Start Time: 4 p.m.

Organizer(s): IEEE UVCE PES, Yantrik

Will be held at(/in): Zoom


In the light of orientation, IEEE UVCE PES and Yantrik bring to you, SaBOTage!

A mixture of escape room and treasure hunt, SaBOTage requires you to decode our clues and move ahead. The questions will be based on the basics of electronics and robotics (disclaimer: one does NOT need to be proficient in either of those to participate in the event.)

Follow the clues, answer the questions, first one to get through all the questions wins!


1. Nikitha Shekhar - CSE
2. Abhinav Pandey - ISE
3. C Adharsh - CSE
4. Shrisha Hegde - ECE
5. Samyuktha Sridhar - ISE
6. Kousheek Mahendaran - CSE
7. Airodi Karthik - CSE

1. Sridevi Shine - ISE
2. Chetan Raju - ECE
3. Mithun Naik -ECE
4. Mohammad Nawfal - EEE
5. Mahesh S - Civil
6. Soumya Baradeli - ECE
7. Divyarani GM - ISE
8. Harshit N - EEE
9. Akhila Hegde - ISE
10. Abhilash Bhat - ECE

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