Hello World

Start Date: Jan. 7, 2021

Start Time: 4 p.m.

Organizer(s): IEEE UVCE Computer Society and Web Development SIG

Will be held at(/in): Zoom


Computer Society is one of the prominent societies under IEEE UVCE that has been conducting several events related to technology, workshops and hackathons to mention a few.
Web Development SIG specialises in conducting all the web related competitions and workshops for IEEE UVCE. Workshops on HTML and CSS and contests on front end designing have been conducted.

Both Computer Society and Web Development SIG act as great platforms for students of all branches to learn and contribute to the computing world. So if you would like to master or have a better grasp on technical skills and stay updated with the technical advances out there, this would be a great opportunity for you!

Do join us to witness the activities we conduct to enhance the technical skills along with a fun filled game.
Knowledge about the team members also helps (http://www.ieeeuvce.in/team)


ECE Second Year

ECE First Year

Manjunath Hegde
ECE First Year

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